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In the framework of our performing arts education program, we also offer intense workshops mostly led by foreign teachers. They usually take place on weekends, excepting those workshops that last longer.​

These workshops are complementary to the regular training courses that range from music, circus, dance, yoga, physical theatre, pantomime to film making and digital media. 


with Tony De Maeyer

Intensive Biomechanics workshop, led by the actor and expert in the field Tony De Maeyer, addresses to all actors/performers who want to discover the ethics and principles of the Meyerhold's Biomechanics.

17 - 21 August 2020


Organic Juggling meets Dance

with Stefan Sing & Cristiana Casadio

The workshop will explore the intrinsic connection between throwing objects and body movement, combining the Organic Juggling techniques of Stefan Sing with the choreographic and rhythmic qualities of contemporary dance, taught by Cristiana Casadio.

8 August 2020


Object Theatre & Rhythm

with Matija Solce

 The workshop is suitable for all theatre makers, who would like to explore rhythm and music, as well as  integrate them into their performance.

25 - 30 June 2020


Street Theatre

with Jaša Jenull

Practical direction and production in street theatre. Suitable for people with some prior experience regarding street, ambiental and interactive theatre.

30 Nov - 14 Dec 2019 (weekends)


Hula hoop

with Eva Cajnko

Intensive hula hoop weekend training suitable for beginners, as well as for those with prior experience.

23-24 November 2019


Vocal Presence

with Tea Vidmar

Voice has many different nuances, levels and feels to it. The more you set it loose, the more diverse it gets.

26-27 October 2019

Sleep walk TEA Jonas Hoholt 2.jpg

Contemporary Dance

with Stella Zannou

Intensive contemporary dance training with the Greek choreographer Stella Zannou, suitable for professional and amateur dancers.

October 2020


Contact Impro with Puppet

with Tea Kovše & Katja Vravnik

Ples z lutko odpira možnosti sodelovanja med živim in neživim svetom, kjer se vloge prepletajo. Osnovno vodilo in izrazno sredstvo tega dvojca je gib.

28-29 September 2019


Joy of Acting

with Alessia Desogus

A 5-day workshop with the Italian actress Alessia Desogus, exploring the basic principles of stage performance.

15-20 June 2019


Body Rhythm Sound

with Anita Gritsch

As an introduction to body percussion the workshop focuses on body rhythm improvisation, as well as polyrhythmic music making and moving.

5-7 April 2019

anita body music.png
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