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Stella Zannou

choreographer, dancer and dance teacher

Stella Zannou studied dance at London College of Dance, London Studio Centre, The American College of Greece (BA) and the Greek State School of Dance. She choreographed and created for Vienna Opera House, Staatstheater Kassel, S.E.A.D. and a large number of dance festivals, venues and universities across Europe. Stella is currently living in Berlin, working as a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer.

Contemporary Dance

with Stella Zannou

Intensive contemporary dance training with the Greek choreographer Stella Zannou, suitable for professional and amateur dancers.

Stella Zannou teaches contemporary dance all around Europe. Her classes experiment with diverse movement qualities, combining technique and different dynamics with personal interpretation and sensitivity. Her classes focus on realization of external stimuli, as well as on instant switching between passive and active roles.  Stella challenges participants to dance with passion, dynamics and full engagement while being entirely aware of the environment and ready for action. In her class, the participants are given the opportunity to build their technique and physicality in an enjoyable way, combining dance with acrobatics and 'love for the floor' without losing the freedom and joy of dance.


October 2020


Studio EX-teater

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