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Anita Gritsch

artist and facilitator for body music

Anita has been teaching body music workshops in many different countries, especially in Europe and South America. Her references include universities, congresses and festivals, her audiences range from school kids to physiotherapists, music teachers and dancers. She also trains language teachers in her seminar Move & Groove in English, and has published a book with the same title. Her artistic projects include body music shows, performance, children´s theatre and other arts.

Body Rhythm Sound

with Anita Gritsch

Body Music is the first way human beings made music, clapping hands and stomping feet. It may be very simple or elaborated into complex rhythms.

In this workshop, we dive into the groove, use playful exercises to train our skills and experiment with space. Be prepared to train your listening, coordination, timing, sense of pulsation, spontaneity and creativity. We will learn rhythmical patterns, traditional music from cultures across the world, and also create our own spontaneous compositions.
There is always the same bottom line: learning with the whole body, making it a positive experience, rewiring our neural connections in ways that surprise us.


5-7 April 2019

4.00-8.00 PM

Studio EX-teater

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