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As EX-teater - Initiative for Transdisciplinary Performance - we offer a wide spectrum of weekly courses which we believe are essential to good stage work.

The subjects we offer range from music, circus, dance, yoga, theatre, pantomime to film and digital media.

Expressive Dance

with Alicia Ocadiz

from 1 October 2019

The class includes exercises of mixed contemporary dance techniques, improvisation, somatic techniques, posture exercises and physical conditioning.


Morning Yoga

with Nina Bučuk

from 2 October 2019

The practice is suitable for all who want awaken their bodies and put some oxygen into their lungs before starting the daily routine.


Pantomime & Body Expression

with Ravil Sultanov

from 7 October 2019

Regular training course for everyone who use movement as their primary tool of expression or would like to get acquainted with the basics of classical pantomime and stage movement.


School of Circus

with Tjaž Juvan

from 3 September 2019

Suitable for young circus enthusiasts aged 7 to 15 who want to learn different prowesses of circus.


Gesture & Character

with Nataša & Ravil Sultanov

28 January - 10 June 2019

The aim of the workshop is to teach different principles and practices of contemporary theatre to theatre and other creators.


Film Workshop

with Peter Bizjak

12 March - 29 May 2019

The workshop is about the making of a short film – the idea, the script, the preparation, the filming and the editing.


Juggling Course

with Eva Zibler

8 November 2018 - 21 March 2019

Drop-in training focused on learning new tricks, styles and techniques. Suitable for beginners, as well as for those with prior experience.

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