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Nina Bučuk

yoga teacher, dancer and aerialist

Nina Bučuk began her career as a jazz and step dancer. For the past seven years she has been actively involved in yoga, which was a logical continuation of her dance career. She mostly practices vinyasa style yoga, which she likes to spice up with a sequence of handstands. Nina also does aerial disciplines (aerial silk & corde lisse) and regularly performs with Zavod Vitkar.

Morning Yoga

with Nina Bučuk

The practice is suitable for all who want awaken their bodies and put some oxygen into their lungs before starting the daily routine.

Give yourself an hour in the morning to move and start your day with no stress.  We are going to learn basic breathing techniques and intertwine them with asanas, putting an emphasis on body awareness and concentration of the mind. The difficulty of practice is going to be adapted to the level of the group, therefore everyone is welcome.

Regular practice improves our flexibility, strength and endurance, while helping to relieve tension in the body and calming our minds.


from 7 November 2019

8.30-9.30 AM

Studio EX-teater

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