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Eva Zibler

juggler, anthropologist and circus pedagogue

Eva mainly focuses on circus teaching, movement exercises and performing arts. In her formative years she has passed through Cirkus pri Koritu, Cirkokrog - association for circus pedagogy, Zavod Bufeto and the International school of physical theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She has also shared knowledge with circus people from all around.

Juggling Course

with Eva Zibler

Drop-in training focused on learning new tricks, styles and techniques. Suitable for beginners, as well as for those with prior experience

Learning new tricks, exploring different styles and techniques, developing motor skills, rhythm, coordination and muscle relaxation.

Suitable for everyone aged 14 or above.

Our main prop is going to be juggling balls, we will
have plenty of them.


8 November 2018 - 21 March 2019

6.00-7.30 PM

Studio EX-teater

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