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Nataša Sultanova & Ravil Sultanov

professional clowns, actors, directors and pedagogues

Nataša and Ravil have graduated at the Moscow Academy of Circus Arts. They create and perform in their own pieces, lead circus workshops and seminars and work in professional Slovenian theatres as actors and movement advisors. They are the founders of Zavod Bufeto and the organisers of Klovnbuf festival. They have also received various national and international awards, lastly the Župančič award in 2018.

Gesture & Character

with Nataša & Ravil Sultanov

The aim of the workshop is to teach different principles and practices of contemporary theatre to theatre and other creators.

While working collectively and keeping an individual approach, we are going to create and develop a character, focusing on the participants' personal traits and special abilities. Apart from being suitable to those who wish to express themselves in physical and clown theatre, the workshop is also useful for those who want to enrich their knowledge of character development and learn to use the body as actor's primary mean of expression.


28 January - 10 June 2019

7.00-9.00 PM

Studio EX-teater

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