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Matija Solce

puppeteer, actor, director, puppetry pedagogue, estival organiser and activist

Matija Solce has obtained a PhD in alternative theatre and puppetry at Prague theatre academy DAMU, his thesis being “A musical perspective on puppet theatre”. In his work, puppetry and music interweave, therefore his concerts often turn into interactive theatre pieces or alternatively, his puppet theatre pieces turn into musical scores. He travels the world with his accordeon and a coffin full of bones and performs at different venues, such as prisons, ashrams, living rooms or big stages of international festivals. He has so far received more than 30 prizes and has directed 40 pieces. He is the head of the international Ethno Histeria World Orchestra and is the main organiser of Floating Castle, the international site specific festival, as well as of Kavč festival which takes place in people's apartments.

Object Theatre & Rhythm

with Matija Solce

 A musical perspective of puppet and object theatre. The workshop is suitable for all theatre creators who would like to explore and integrate rhythm and music into their work.

The workshop focuses onto applying various performative techniques originating from rhythm, impulses, composition and developing situations based on underlying musical principles. Next, we will be orchestrating the group impulses and focus on characters. In the third part of the workshop, we will be creating a piece that is related to the chosen theme. The stage props, the mise en scene, the role of the spectator and everything else will be chosen in accordance with the above decision. We will be using material which is available or easy to gather.

The workshop is part of the Lab Bufeto Program

Production: Zavod Bufeto

Coproduction: EX-teater


25 - 30 June 2020

10 AM - 4.30 PM

Studio EX-teater

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