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Tea Vidmar

vocalist, theatre pedagogue and artist

Tea Vidmar’s main focuses are street theatre, music and vocal performances. She teaches theatricality and vocal expression at the School of contemporary performance and street art, founded by Ana Monro Theatre. Tea performs in this theatre too. As a vocalist, she has performed with bands such as Positive Illusion, Skarabej, duo Aritmija and Širom, as well as performed in the national theatre of Kranj, Trieste and Nova Gorica.

Vocal Presence

with Tea Vidmar

Voice has many different nuances, levels and feels to it. The more you set it loose, the more diverse it gets.

In the workshop, we explore our voices(s), its capacity and its range. We probe the physicality and the control we have over our voice by relaxing and tensing different parts of our bodies. While putting our focus onto emotional singing, we learn how that can help us understand the vocal presence of each participant. The workshop covers the areas of warming up the body and the voice, as well as exercises for finding new voices, collective co-voicing and individual singing. Using different theatrical techniques we develop a personal vocal expression, as well as our own theatrical songs, which we perform publicly at the end of the workshop.


26-27 October 2019

11.00 AM-4.00 PM

Studio EX-teater

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