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Accommodation & Studio / Artistic Residency*

Regular price: 250€/week

Co-production: 150€/week

Accommodation / Visiting Artists**

Regular price: 30€/day or 170€/week

Co-production: 20€/day or 100€/week

Studio / Rehearsals, Research***

Regular price: 5€/hour

Co-production: 3€/hour

Studio / Workshops, Classes, Training

Regular price: 15€/hour

Co-production: 10€/hour

*Maximum staying: 2 weeks; minimum staying: 3 days.

The working area/studio is available every day from 10AM to 5PM.

**The accommodation consists of a bedroom with a double loft bed, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom.

*** Please contact us for special pricing and conditions: artist-in-residence program, partnerships, 100+ booked hours, etc.

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