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Gilad Shabtay

Born in Israel, based in Berlin and living in France, Gilad does not just play the Vagabond, he is the Vagabond. After his first performance on the back of a galloping horse as a youth, Gilad has made a long way through Circus, Dance and Theater training. Since then he performed hundreds of shows in over 17 countries.
The residency and the showings are supported by Zavod Bufeto and EX-teater as part of 12th Klovnbuf Festival.

The Ambiguous Vagabond

Gilad Shabtay

The Ambiguous Vagabond is an ode to the great art of silent humor. Warming the hearts of older spectators though nostalgic elegance and hurting the laughing bellies of children with the simple beauty of an idiot's slapstick and nonsense.

He juggles everyday objects, plays music like a carnival gypsy, performs acrobatic stunt but ready to abandon all of those for the opportunity to get a good laugh. Through amazing skills, perfect choreographies and improvisation he wins the hearts of audiences with his unique style. The ultimate traveler, the jack of all trades.


10-17 June 2019

Showing of the work-in-progress

17 June, 12.00 and 5.30 PM

Park Zvezda, Klovnbuf Festival

12th Klovnbuf festival

Producer: Zavod Bufeto

Coproducer: EX-teater

Financial support:

Ministrstvo za kulturo RS,

Mestna občina Ljubljana

- oddelek za kulturo.

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