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Mismo Nismo

MismoNismo [eng. WeAreWeAren’t) is a new alt-art circus collective based in Ljubljana.
"We are pessimists who want to embrace the uncertainty of the future through experiences of the present. Our aesthetic is raw, experimental and full of flaws. To us Form is an experiment and the Idea is everything."

The residency and the showing are supported by
CircusNext PLaTFoRM, Zavod Bufeto and EX-teater.

NOise Cirkus

Mismo Nismo

NOise Cirkus is a circus and musical semi-improvised performance which is using attributes of noise music and importing them into circus language through exploration of discarded objects a.k.a trash. It talks about the relationship between humans and human-made objects in a post-modern consumer-orientated society.


3-15 December 2018

Showing of the work-in-progress

15 December, 8.00 PM

Studio EX-teater

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